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Artificial Intelligence|Public Health|Precision Medicine

We are a team of public health scientists, epidemiologists, medical doctors, biodesign engineers and health technology entrepreneurs united with the idea to solve problems in public health using technology. Our core areas of interdisciplinary expertise include Clinical Data Science, Clinical AI, Biodesign and Health Technology.

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Public Health-Precision Medicine-Artificial Intelligence

At present, we have a R&D department (Clinical R&D and Technology R&D) that identifies potential problems in public health and develop tailor made solutions as proof-of-concepts. The proof-of-concepts are translated into health technology products through an interdisciplinary effort of Deep Medicine Labs with its collaborative partners and stakeholders.
In addition, we also engage actively in knowledge sharing through training/workshops, Webinars/Seminars, Lectures, Internships and Certificate Courses.
At present we are working on a Depression Detection algorithm using vocal biomarkers for our product named “psychENHANCE”

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Depression detection using vocal biomarkers

In order to address the issue of adolescent depression and the doctor-patient gap in mental health, we are building a smart-phone based telepsychiatry service using automated evaluation for students belonging to an institution.
The product is in the development stage.

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Relevant Publications

Thenral, M., & Annamalai, A. (2020). Challenges of Building, Deploying, and Using AI-Enabled Telepsychiatry Platforms for Clinical Practice Among Urban Indians: A Qualitative Study. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 0253717620973414.

Annamalai, A. (2020). Telepsychiatry and the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health in Post-COVID-19 India: A Scoping Review on Opportunities. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, 42(5).

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Director of Clinical Research: Dr.Arunkumar Annamalai |


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